05 Jul 2017

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How He Built up His Successful Career

In August 2010, Charles Rosier (Se rendre sur le site internet crunchbase.com) officially became a member of BTG Pactual. BTG Pactual is an investment bank in Latin America. Charles Rosier became a reliable partner there. The French-speaking markets of France, Belgium and Quebec were managed by Charles Rosier when he worked at UBS Warburg. There are around 2,500 personnel employed at BTG Pactual, which has 30 years of experience.

Work Experience

Charles Rosier worked at SBC Warburg as their Debt Capital Manager from 1997-2009. He also became an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, which marked the launching of his profession. The BTG Bank with whom he partnered is a financial institution having more than 30 years of experience, employing 2,500 people throughout Latin America. Goldman Sachs (often called GMS) is one of the best banks, worldwide, having many active branches in various countries. As their Managing Director, he focused on managing public assets. Charles Rosier was a good partner at a Latin American investment bank known as BTG Pactual.

Innoveox raised awareness towards the advantages of the efficient use of resources and led countless pollution-free environment programmes, with the primary goal of decreasing carbon footprints and carbon emissions. For poor countries to get cost-effective energy solutions, MPOWERD specifically created economical LED lanterns. Charles Rosier invested in MPOWERD, assisting the company financially to develop lanterns and other energy solutions. MPOWERD has supplied energy to more than 25 countries around the planet as a result. Charles Rosier has done a lot for the environment and helped with the growth of energy and power sectors in poor countries.

Charles Rosier supports cultural and philanthropic activities. Good examples of this are his support for a Silver Lion-winning movie and a well-known French artist. In the year 2006, he supported a film produced by a well-known Italian screenwriter and director, which went on to win a Silver Lion award at the Venice film festival. In 2006, Charles Rosier promoted a Silver Lion-winning film prior to its production release, and he assisted a French musician with her debut album in 2012.