05 Jul 2017

Simon Lichtenberg's Golden rules

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Photo Simon Lichtenberg's Golden rules

The Remarkable Successes of simon lichtenberg

Multilingualism is without a doubt a great help to a businessman like Simon Lichtenberg (Tumblr) who often finds himself engaged with international dealings. When recalling the past, many business owners find, in their greatest accomplishments, their fondest memories. The Shanghai Municipal Government honoured him for his contributions to developing Shanghai with the Magnolia Silver Award, in 2006. By '93, Simon Lichtenberg had developed an industry which, in time, began trading furniture.

Simon Lichtenberg - His Amazing Qualities

A businessman with multilingual talents possesses the edge over his competition. Simon Lichtenberg has had the experience of residing in eight diverse countries and can communicate in seven different languages. As a businessman who has reached his goal of setting up his own company in the progressive nation of China, Simon Lichtenberg can be deemed a man of strong will and commitment.

BoConcept, franchised by Simon Lichtenberg in the year 1993, sold stylish home furniture in Shanghai, China. China is a country that appears to ensure success in whatever endeavour that is attempted. Because of this, countless business people love to establish their company there. No dream is beyond reach. All that is needed is a powerful desire and dedication. Everything is possible.

Both success and failure can come from obstacles that a business faces. Which of those extremes transpires depends on how the difficulties are faced. Conquering one's challenges and learning from them gives one a sense of achievement whilst one aspires to become a better person. Whilst leading his business, in 1997 Simon Lichtenberg came under legal pressure because of the creation of counterfeit 'BoConcept' products; this was a complicated issue for him to overcome. Although Simon Lichtenberg is now a success, his journey has not been easy at times. He would not have got where he finds himself today without embracing his rule of business: “Never give up.”

Simon Lichtenberg - Trayton Group

Simon Lichtenberg founded his company (Trayton Group) in '95. Initiating the Trayton Foundation (which substantially assisted in lighting the streets of Shanghai, not forgetting the installation of rooftop solar panel systems in the year 2012) are just some of the things that Trayton Group (initiated and run by Simon Lichtenberg) has done. Having a good reason for its existence is a crucial trait for an organisation, not just working to make a profit.

Educational Background of Simon Lichtenberg

To be prosperous, it is necessary to be robust and effective at facing challenges which you can overcome; a good education significantly helps when building these traits. After returning from Danish Tvind schools, Simon Lichtenberg lived in Africa for several of his teen years. In the year 1988 at Fudan University in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg acquired his Chinese Language diploma.