05 Jul 2017

Ambi's monika bacardi and andrea iervolino: changing the world, one film at a time

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Photo AMBI's Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino: Changing the World, One Film at a Time

A great number of community charitable organisations, that support causes connected with social matters of great importance to her, reap benefits from her backing. Monika Bacardi (Huffingtonpost) also encourages the health of young people via AMADE-Monaco (Association Nationale Monégasque des Amis de l'Enfance). Monika Bacardi is very engaged in the Principality’s cultural and charitable activities.

Personal Life

Lord Luis Bacardi (Lord of Bayfield Hall) was a descendant of the creator of the Bacardi Company. He and Monika Bacardi became husband and wife and had a lovely daughter together. She thinks that one should endeavour to work with a happy face and should try to stay buoyant. Monika Bacardi spends a lot of her free time assisting the causes and charitable organisations that are close to her heart.

Monika Bacardi & the SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

With the assistance of the foundation, Monika Bacardi raises understanding of the effect of people's pursuits on our planet. Monika has participated in a variety of undertakings with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. She is associated with the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation and is very engaged in other cultural and humanitarian activities in the Principality of Monaco. Monika Bacardi is a great supporter of the encouragement of green habits and this is one of the reasons she assists the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation.

Monika Bacardi - Contributor to Associative, Cinematic and Cultural Movements

Monika Bacardi is a high-profile, popular woman who, even though she lives in the Principality of Monaco, also spends a lot of time in other parts of the EU and in the United States. English, Italian, Spanish, French and German are all languages that she speaks fluently whilst, in the Arts sector, she is also reportedly one of the most influential businesswomen. Monika Bacardi has revealed an amazing business talent following the 2005 passing of her husband, who managed the Bacardi business for 40 years. She has also become immersed in lots of philanthropic activities, helping numerous charities, such as "Fondation AVEC", "amfAR" (Making AIDS History Association) and the Monaco Red Cross, alongside carrying out oceanographic studies.

The well-known 'PHOTO' magazine (which has been running since the 60's) was purchased by Monika Bacardi a number of years ago. On a yearly basis, she tries to complete between eight and ten motion pictures. These range from internal to third party productions and are achieved by using the AMBI Group. Providing vocational guidance, while also making connections with international purchasers, are services that Lady Bacardi tries to create around her 'PHOTO' brand for photographers and artists. Monika Bacardi's working life involves the management of 'PHOTO' magazine and AMBI Group.