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Asif Qasim's blog

Asif Qasim's blog

Dr. Asif Qasim (Aller sur la page sur Asif Qasim) has laboured tirelessly to promote increased standards of healthcare. This enthusiasm is slowly paying off. Despite having many duties, he remains an active participant in UEC leadership right across London. It is nice to know that there are physicians who are worried about the well-being of the larger community, and not only that of their patients. Dr. Asif Qasim has always had an interest in urgent and critical care. He is the consultant heart specialist and is the Clinical Director at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust in south London.

Dr. Asif Qasim: The Founder of MedShr

Improving the standard of cardiovascular treatment is of paramount importance. Dr. Asif Qasim strongly believes that this can be accomplished effectively by aiding doctors to communicate with each other. Without affecting their work schedules, Dr. Asif Qasim wants doctors to be able to find guidance to manage cardiovascular cases better. Sharing knowledge and expertise and enhancing communication makes it much easier for medical professionals to improve the quality of care for their patients. MedShr is an offshoot of, a network for cardiologists funded by the Department of Trade and Industry's Research and Development grants.

Dr. Qasim - Saving Lives Through Technology

Prompted by the necessity of managing the delivery of medical treatment effectively, MedShr was created to help doctors achieve this. Not only could it help patients live longer, healthier lives, Dr. Asif Qasim's conviction is that an Internet-based health-technology will reduce expenditure on healthcare. Providing appropriate healthcare promptly can be troublesome at the best of times; that's why Dr. Qasim is adamant that it is important to make use of efficient computer technologies. Improving lives through better care is Dr. Asif Qasim's plan, wherein doctors from around the world can share and examine various cases and collaborate.

Peer-to-Peer Learning in the HealthCare Industry

Tutors see that delivering substantial tuition for medical practitioners is undoable, due to increasing student numbers and inadequate budgets. Undeniably, face-to-face courses are indispensable in assisting medical professionals to share expertise. Nevertheless, such conventional approaches to sharing information can be greatly supported through the utilisation of internet based technologies. It is Dr. Asif Qasim’s theory that medical experts who learn from their colleagues become more knowledgeable in their fields than they otherwise would.

Who is Dr. Asif Qasim?

Dr. Asif Qasim's extensive experience as a cardiologist, coupled with his passionate commitment to improving the quality of healthcare, puts him amongst the most competent in his discipline. In the role of a cardiologist, he is the Clinical Director at Croydon University Hospital, located in South London. Dr. Asif Qasim’s vision is to revamp the medical profession to improve the quality of treatment provided to patients, especially in the interests of safety and efficacy. Putting his duties first, an outstanding doctor may even go without food and sleep.