[Portrait] Discover a french digital entrepreneur that will inspire you and your leadership !

Photo [Portrait] Discover a french digital entrepreneur that will inspire you and your leadership !

The video game Pong was one of the most famous games in 1972. On his sixth birthday, Mr. Portha also began his apprenticeship with this game. By dint of play, his attraction was developing and his passion was revealed.

This passion for video games was growing day by day and continued until today at 49 years of age. One day, he tried to adopt a new vision of multiplayer mode. The latter allowed him to discover another passion focused in information exchange networks.

In 1980 he decided to develop his own home video game called Tank. The old machines of this period such as Sharp PC-1211 and the machines ZX81 allowed to set up this very entertaining game.

His techniques to live from his two passions

Thanks to his great revelation and his research, his very first creation, at the age of 14, was a success. It also allowed him to enter the world of celebrity microcosm French games. This first step was not the last since he decided to live from his two passions continuously. In addition to designing his masterpiece, here are some of his techniques:

  •  Collaboration with the Minitel network, the only information dissemination system during this era
  •  Incorporation of the entrepreneurial logic in his two passions
  •  Creation of his own video game company named Eurocenter
  •  Launch of the renowned multi-player game: GraalOnline
  •  Continued research and experience working in various companies in the digital sector

How did he climb the ladder?

After the construction of his company Eurocenter, the famous game GraalOnline came to light in 1998 with the multi-player mode highlighted. Stephane Portha (www.stephane-portha.pw/) had much experience before other versions of this game were introduced. He began to become manager of several companies working specifically in the digital field.

This choice was based on his desire and initiative to keep an eye on the entire chain of development of video games and information in all directions of the networks. He then worked with the Linux company being the leader. Then, he went from assistant-manager, manager to company manager in the company commerce.fr, Inmob and bridge.fr.

A change of society more or less frequent but contributed more to the success of his projects. Finally, he decided to rename the firm Eurocenter in Eurocenter Games.

The birth of the first MMO game on Iphone

Without his audacity, his perseverance, his enriching experience and his collaboration with multiple companies, Stephane Portha could fully live from his passions and arrived at the stage where his game would be the first to be available on Iphone. For short, here are the decisive points explaining the birth of the first game MMO Hard Iphone:

  •  Change of name of Eurocenter company to Eurocenter Games
  •  Creation of the huge digital consortium named Eurocenter Group
  •  Eurocenter Games takes part in the launch of the first video games released on Appstore in 2007
  •  Proposal of a new version of the renowned GraalOnline game called GraalOnline Zone.